Gelmini Macchine is a leader in the design and construction of machines and complete systems for the processing and packaging of cheese and deli meat.

The company’s location in the heart of the Italian “Food Valley”, their thorough knowledge of the food sector and highly professional staff are the reasons behind Gelmini Macchine’s constant growth since their inception in the 80s with progressive technological and productive development.

Continuous innovation, professional tailored solutions, constant assistance for products and processes are the values instilled by the founder Antonio Gelmini. These continue to be the reasons why national and international clients choose our company and reward it with their loyalty over time.

From the past towards the future

Innovation and customer care before everything else

Passion, technical expertise, customer-focused approach: these words sum up the philosophy of the company’s founder, Antonio Gelmini, and the reasons for its success.

In just over 30 years he expanded the company from food packaging machinery to ham processing machines and later cheese processing machines; Gelmini was able to reach aleading position in the market as well as a growing reputation in the international market.

After his death in 2012, the company continued on the path of development and innovation started by its founder, leveraging the wealth of ideas and technical skills he had passed down.

In 2016, the shareholding structure was further strengthened with the entry of new members, operating also in the management of the company. The contribution of new ideas and new motivation will support the route taken.

Gelmini Macchine oggi

The future of continuity

Today a special effort is devoted to cheese processing machines, an area where the company is the market leader: today 99% of Italian companies operating in the sector of hard cheese, like Parmesan, are loyal Gelmini Macchine customers.

Another growing sector is machines for processing of semi hard and soft cheese, such as Emmentaler, with which Gelmini Macchine aims to gradually penetrate markets in northern Europe, where consumption of this type of cheese is high.

The solutions proposed by Gelmini Macchine guarantee on the one hand industrial productivity, reduced labor requirements and minimal maintenance needs, on the other hand final quality of processed products.

The company’s current commercial strategy is aiming for expansion in foreign markets, particularly in countries with substantial production of cheese. Therefore not only neighboring countries such as Austria and Germany, but also Poland, Estonia and the growing markets of Eastern Europe, North Africa headed by Morocco, without leaving out important markets such as Brazil, USA and Canada.

In order to rise to the challenge of these new markets, Gelmini Macchine is investing in personnel training: innovation, integrated communication and English language are study subjects that offer access to a wealth of knowledge, ideas and experiences that enrich and inspire.

Gelmini Macchine’s deep roots in the past mean that continuity is ensured in terms of quality, service, care and respect for customers. At the same time, they propel the company into the future where it will continue to offer high quality, high-efficiency machines and complete solutions, along with after-sales services and technical assistance of an equally high level.










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