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Gelmini Macchine – Leading position in the market of machines for processing and packaging cheese

Gelmini Macchine – Leading position in the market of machines for processing and packaging cheese

It offers 360  technology for the processing, cutting, and packaging of cheeses as well as an after-sales service that is now enhanced by e-commerce for spare parts and increasingly efficient remote assistance.

In little more than 30 years, Gelmini Macchine has gained a leading position in the market of machines for processing and packaging cheese. Over the years, the company has been able to expand its skills and consequently extend its technological offer to the processing and packaging of cheese. A sector that today represents the company’s core business.

Cutting technologies: the flagship In the field of cheese processing, Gelmini’s offer extends from the discing machine to die-cutters, passing through machines and complete lines for cutting and packaging, as well as unloading, loading, and transport systems. In the case of cutting technologies – whether slices, petals, julienne, cubes, blocks, or grated – the solutions offered by Gelmini allow to obtain, from any type of cheese, the most different and customized formats.

“Fixed-weight portioning lines, including ultrasonic cutting on soft cheeses, are probably the most popular solutions in the market.”

“Machines that have great efficiency and robustness.” After refining its expertise in the field of hard or semi-hard cheeses, the company has expanded its product portfolio with ad hoc solutions for soft or semi-soft cheeses. “In this sector, Arpa’s ultrasound line guarantees productivity, versatility and, above all, high cutting precision obtained with efficient vision systems, including X-Ray.” Today, the company is committed to the development of new solutions, with a particular focus on production efficiency and integration between the process and packaging phases.

Export: business volume rises

The success achieved on the domestic market, where Gelmini Macchine is a partner of leading milk and dairy companies, goes hand in hand with a strong internationalization process. Gelmini signed solutions are widely distributed in key markets such as France, Switzerland, and Russia, for a foreign business that generates 25% of the company income. “Among the most requested solutions in these markets”, “undoubtedly figure the fixed weight lines, the ultrasonic cutting machine model Arpa and the industrial grater model Occhio di Tigre”.

Customer assistance:  Company priority

Gelmini Macchine follows the customer in a personalized way even after the installation and the starting up of the plants, with scheduled maintenance and technical assistance on-site, the supply of spare parts and accessories, the proposal of upgrades, and improvements to the machines in use. In detail, the company has a laboratory dedicated to the review and maintenance of the machines; a spare parts warehouse to promptly supply customers throughout the country and abroad; a team of specialized technicians who, in addition to being operational for extraordinary actions, perform routine checks and scheduled maintenance. The company also includes a team dedicated to the technical training of customers.


Our fixed weight line is composed of the discing machine A419 Gea-09 and the wedging machine A158 Mod. Athena Big.