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Quality and customer service

Quality and customer service


Direct managing of the whole chain of value

Identifying and solving problems, designing new solutions, achieving maximum productivity for customers, anticipating the needs of the market: these are the challenges that each day Gelmini Macchine places at the center of its activities.
The technical department handles every phase: design, development of prototypes, engineering and manufacturing as well as training and support for end users. An external team of engineers, specializing in compliance with regulatory requirements, will work alongside your company on issues related to hygiene, safety and respect for the environment.


Research & Design

Gelmini Macchine carries an aptitude for innovation in its DNA.
The use of innovative design tools and the specialist knowledge of our research teams ensure that the solution developed will be perfectly suited to the customer’s technical and economic needs.

The resources dedicated to design are always committed to the development of machines that enable progressive improvement of efficiency in the production process, with consequent reduction in the cost of labor, always very high in the food industry, to positively affect the final cost of our clients’ products.

Machines and systems are also designed with ease of use and minimum maintenance in mind to maximize the client’s autonomy and efficiency.

Research and innovation is also complemented by the constant revision of our current range, through periodic upgrades and improvements of existing plants. The constant attention to these issues is characteristic of our way of doing business.



The phases of production, assembly and functional testing of machines and systems are performed by internal staff in the premises of Gelmini Macchine, guaranteeing quality control in synergy with the client.


Delivery and technical training

Delivery, installation, final testing and after-sales support service are guaranteed by our qualified staff.

Despite the company’s growth over the year, Gelmini Macchine has chosen to keep these services on a small enterprise scale with the aim of preserving a direct trust-based relationship with customers.

Gelmini Macchine’s team of specialized technicians is directly in charge of installation and final testing at the client’s premises, as well as training sessions for the client company’s technical staff.
The machines delivered are accompanied by complete technical documentation and a list of all components to easily identify spare parts.


Post-sales support

At Gelmini Macchine, we follow each customer in a personalized way even after installation and commissioning, through scheduled maintenanceservices, technical assistance at the customer’s premises, supply of spare parts and accessories, proposals for upgrades and improvements of the machines.