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Cold cuts Processing


In the shape you prefer



Cleaned, pressed, boned, in pieces, in flakes and so much more! We process different types of cold cuts to add value to your product. Enhance the organoleptic properties and the functionalities with which the final product can be used, as well as shapes and sizes of the packaging.



 Cleaning Cold cuts

This operation is normally carried out by skilled staff in order not to spoil the ham and ensure minimum weight loss, using the Gelmini cleaner this operation can be performed by anyone.

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 Deboning Hams

After months of maturation in scented cellars, hams are prepared to be sliced. The bone can be removed by extracting it or by cutting the ham open depending on the intended use of the emblem of deli meats!

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 Pressing Hams

The boned and derinded hams are pressed Parma-style to be displayed on food counters or block-style to be packaged in trays or to be sent to slicing plants.

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 Cold cuts in pieces

For all tastes: fixed or calibrated weight pieces, trimmed initially and at the end, made from pre-moulded or hung products. Ready to be displayed on the shelves, but also on the fresh product counter of stores.

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 Tying cold cuts

On the counter of refined deli shops and important discount supermarkets, tied ham “addobbo” or “country style” takes customers to the countryside of the Food Valley and the aroma released by its slices will satisfy the most demanding and refined noses.

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 Hanged Cold cuts

The hams, prepared with artisan care and carefully hung on appropriate racks, mature in old cellars and then enrich the windows of stores or decorate the restaurants of the area considered the cradle of food par excellence!!

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 Cold cuts in flakes

Flakes, ribbons, strips, cubes of varying sizes, different thicknesses and different products. An excellent partner for cocktails and events… An ideal ingredient to garnish salads, to prepare visual dishes at receptions, buffets and all sorts of occasions..

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