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Cheese Processing


In the shape you prefer



Wedges, cubes, grated, julienne, flakes and so much more! We process hard, semi hard and soft cheeses to add value to your product. Enhance the organoleptic properties and the functionalities with which the final product can be used, as well as shapes and sizes of the packaging.

Other processes

We follow your product in every detail

Disk cutter machines

Disk cutter and splitter machines for hard cheese, with possible integration into specific production lines.

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Punching machines

Gelmini punching machines are capable of managing cheese wheels of different sizes and different densities, being thus forthcoming to every need that can arise in the field of extracting cores from cheeses.

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Cutting machines

Gelmini cutting machines are the ideal solution for every need in the field of cutting and dividing both hard and semi hard large sized cheeses.

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Loading/unloading systems

Solutions for the loading/unloading of cheeses

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Transport systems

Solutions to better and optimisize cheese transport.

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